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  • Weigh your fish once and only once
  • Always know the next fish cull and your bag weight
  • Keep track of how much time till check in
  • Flag sick fish, keep your on eye on their revival
  • Set the amount of culling tags / fish limit from 3 to 7
  • Works with any culling system and fish scale

Pre-plan & Recall Past Tourneys

  • Set up your entire year’s tourney schedule
  • Refer back through years of your tournament records & notes
  • Schedule practice days so your ready for the next tourney

Learn From The Past!

  • Keep a detailed fishing journal for each tournament including: the baits and locations that were working and those that were not!
  • Reflect back on the particulars including the exact date, body of water, weather, temperature, wind direction and speed.

Focus on the fishing

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